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March 20, 2013
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MnG - Yuikawa, Saine : Syn by Akari-Scifo MnG - Yuikawa, Saine : Syn by Akari-Scifo

    Student Council Vice President

:iconpapmingplz: more apps I gomen--- anyways Swimming CM by KyoAni inspired group!~ all the shirtless boy swimmers How to men-- Joinnnnnnn and Senpai shall guide you e v e uhh Info might change or added later //:iconlazepoolplz:

. Name | Yuikawa Saine (Syn)
. Nicknames | Syn (mainly called)
. DOB | August 10
. Age | 19
. Height | 6'0
. Weight | 165 lbs
. Year | Senior
. Level | Specialist
. Member Type | Student Council Vice-President

. Likes/Dislikes |
    [+]Adores His Twin brother(Brother complex)| Sugar Gilders | People | Giving Affection (Brotherly like)| Swimming| Goggles ( Any kind)| People who are Shorter than he is | Fighting street fights | Different Straps and Belts
    | TARO FLAVORED ANYTHING | Osaka foods | Takoyaki | Traditional clothing | Playing the Erhu in his spare time| Japanese Calligraphy ( can write some himself) | Hugs and swinging and kisses | Napping | Student Council work (and the people in it )

    [-]Construction Areas or construction pipes/bars ect (Past related) | People who loiter around his twin | Bugs | People who come back to fight him after they lost | Dropping his food when someone bumps into him ( He will murder you-) | The place he currently lives | Rubber Hair ties (gets tangled in his hair) | Cold weather | Mornings (not a morning person) | Getting ordered around | Earrings | Food that is too spicy | Isolated areas | The sound of a clock ticking (though he always had a pocket watch with him regardless) | Crows

. Personality | Carefree | Daring | keen | Meticulous | Affectionate | Diligent | Mild-tempter | Reckless | Indecisive | Caring | Secretive |

. History |
Syn was born in Singapore, his father was a Japanese who went to do business in Singapore and met Syn's mother there. Syn was born together with his twin brother Yuu, although Yuu is the younger of the two. At the age of 3 the family moved back to Japan to Osaka where Syn's father was originally from. During Syn's childhood , he was a very mischievous kid who played pranks on others which usually resulted in Yuu telling him to knock it off. Compared to his brother, Yuu was much nicer and more reserved. Everyone would eventually stop wanting to play with Syn and crowd around his younger brother. Syn didn't care at first and hung out by the river alone all the time but eventually the silence and just the isolation was too much to bear for him. However he could never hate his younger brother because it was indeed his own fault that he became so isolated. On his 11th birthday when he went to the river again he sees his brother there. Yuu smiled at him and ran up to syn hugging him, Syn wondered why Yuu was here instead of at the party where all his friends were and then Yuu held up a little basket and inside was a tiny Sugar gilder. " Nii-chan remember that one time that you said you always wanted one? Happy birthday~" Syn started his habit of fighting when Yuu began to get bullied.

After that time Syn got really attached to his little brother and even named the sugar gilder "Yuu" and he takes care of it together with his bro. Around the same time both brothers decided to try out swimming since they have seen swimming competitions and was intrigued by it. They learned pretty quick and it soon turned to become their escape route to their parent's constant arguments. The brothers were never separate, though it was easy to tell who was who because Syn had short hair with a fierce unfriendly glare while Yuu had longer hair and was extremely friendly. Around the age of 13 their parents divorced and because both brothers were reluctant to leave each other they end up staying with their father while their mother just went back to Singapore. Their father then became more distant and talked to both of them less eventually it got him being at home less. Syn in order to help out with the money issue in the family took on part time jobs, but his temper keeps getting to him and he keeps getting fired for fighting with other customers.

Despite all what was happening it didn't stop Syn and His brother to go to the Swimming Academy at the age of 15. Yuu began working part time as well but because of his striking resemblance to Syn, people often pick on him and mistaking him for Syn. Although Syn always arrives on time to beat up the harassers, his brother gave him a scolding on constantly picking fights. His father rarely came home so it usually was just him and Yuu and Yuukyu. Syn lightens up only when Yuu is around or His friend Raphael who he met one day when Raphael was running from the police because he was vandalizing private property and Syn saved them both. there was a swimming competition that Yuu absolutely wanted to enter and was picked for. He was extremely excited about it though one day while walking with Syn to a store they passed by a construction area. Syn was talking to Yuu and didn't notice that one of the construction lines was ripping and on reflex when it broke and came crushing down Yuu pushed Syn out of the way and got crushed instead, They quickly rushed him to the hospital and the doctors told Syn that Yuu was in a coma and his legs where the bars came crushing down on might be crippled forever. 2 years have passed since then and Syn grew out his hair and wore orange which was his brother's color and visited him everyday in hopes one day he'll wake up. Blaming himself for what happened Syn began living almost a double life, the kind and gentle side and the violent and angered side. He even mastered the butterfly stroke which was what his brother was the best at. He joined student council and became a bit air headed to take his mind off things, and took on some part time jobs.

. Additional Info |
    - He has a bit of Osaka-ben(Type of Kansai Dialect) since he stayed there for majority of his childhood though he tries to hide it sometimes
    -Outside of School he is usually seen as Distant, cold with a icy cold glare and barely talks much
    -He named the Sugar Glider after his twin "yuu" sometimes he would call it " Yuu-kyu" to avoid calling his brother at the same time
    -He really likes orange and light blue
    -He keeps a second pair of goggles around which is orange and it belongs to his brother
    -His current appearance is that of his brother's because Syn originally had short hair
    - He felt so guilty for what happened that he actually attempts to live the life his brother missed
    - He visits his brother everyday after school till hospital visit hours are over
    - Does not actually mind the work dumped on him by the SC president
    - Does not actually talk about himself much except what he likes as a food and maybe his sugar glider you have to be really close to him for him to tell you anything else
    -likes being called onii-chan ( by mitsuru //slapped)
    -Has a tattoo of crow like wings on his back
    his brother'll wake soon no worries

    [link] His other sketches
    App (c) =chexuka
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